Vinyl Inspector

Vinyl Inspector — stop buying scratched vinyl online

Ever buy a scratched record online?

Buying vinyl records online can be a gamble. Seller feedback isn't always reliable, and photos can deceive. That's where Vinyl Inspector comes in. Our extension empowers you to see beyond the surface, revealing the true condition of the vinyl records you're interested in.

How does it work?

We offer a Chrome browser extension that lets you right click on an image and see if it has scratches.

Get Started

With the free Chrome extension, you can inspect one photo per hour. If you want to inspect more photos, there's a one time fee of $5.

How good is it?

Our image processing helps identify scratches in many images of records, but there are some limitations. This detection is less effective at low resolution images. Strong lighting or deep shadows over an image may obscure the information necessary to make scratches visible. If there is a clear, high resolution photo of the record like the example above, we typically give good results. If you do run into cases that do not work well, please email the image to us so we can improve. We cannot guarantee that we will detect all scratches.

Have questions?

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